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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 14, 2011Pittsfield, MA53 Pollock Ave$150,000Burns, Timothy J Carty, Victoria L More Info
September 12, 2011Pittsfield, MA618 E New Lenox Rd$150,000Almeida, Darin J
Almeida, Erica C
FNMA More Info
September 21, 2011Pittsfield, MA1290 Churchill St$150,000Pshenishny, James E
Pshenishny, Darlene S
Greylock FCU More Info
October 21, 2011Pittsfield, MA10 Ridge Ave$150,000Giambrone, Benjamin
Beraldi, Brittany
Brunelle, John R
Brunelle, Ellen D
More Info
October 18, 2011Pittsfield, MA130 Morningview Dr$150,000Copeland, Matthew E Campana, Shirley D More Info
November 04, 2011Pittsfield, MA98 Ventura Ave$150,000Davis, Steven E Pannetti Alexander J Est
Hooper, Jean M
More Info
November 21, 2011Pittsfield, MA59 Fairfield St$150,000Sebastianello, Linda A Virgilio, Jessie L
Crombie, Jessie V
More Info
February 22, 2012Pittsfield, MA58 Emerson Ave$150,000Nichols, Kirk E
Nichols, Sarah E
Flannery, Mary E More Info
March 19, 2012Pittsfield, MA582 Cheshire Rd$150,000Berkshire Concrete Corp Baburin, Oleg
Baburina, Richele
More Info
April 19, 2012Pittsfield, MA47 Hull Ave$150,000Snyder, Nicholas Flynn, Richard F
Turner, Robert
More Info
May 04, 2012Pittsfield, MA202 Mcintosh Dr$150,000Lysobey, Marilyn Candilore, Michael R More Info
May 17, 2012Pittsfield, MA44 Bernard Ave$150,000Moro, David R Bedard, Anna S More Info
August 10, 2012Pittsfield, MA15 Stoddard Ave$150,000Dwyer, Robert E
Dwyer, Deborah A
Adamo, Philip
Lehmann, Patricia
More Info
August 13, 2012Pittsfield, MA35 Robert St$150,000Boland, Kimberly B
Gleason, Nancy J
Trzepacz, Lillian More Info
August 17, 2012Pittsfield, MA76 Elaine Dr$150,000Armold, Michael Hamling, Ann M
Perrea, Jean E
More Info
October 15, 2012Pittsfield, MA1396 North St$150,000Berkshire Bank Galok, Joseph P
Berkshire Bank
More Info
November 29, 2012Pittsfield, MA76 S Onota St$150,000Lever Props LLC Tobin, Paul More Info
November 30, 2012Pittsfield, MA46 Ashley St$150,000Oubtrou, Lahoussine Richardson, Norma More Info
February 28, 2013Pittsfield, MA687 Elm St$150,000Aldam, Erica A
Phillips, Corey G
Mcnulty, Kristine More Info
March 04, 2013Pittsfield, MA381 Williams St$150,000CSB Service Corp Johnson, John A
Berkshire Bank
More Info
July 02, 2013Pittsfield, MA124 Appleton Ave$150,000Svirskiy, Sava Providence NT
Connell, Dawn A
More Info
August 01, 2013Pittsfield, MA13 Kent Ave$150,000Taylor Building Assoc LP Herklots, Donald C More Info
September 10, 2013Pittsfield, MA84 Livingston Ave$150,000Mariconti, Christine M Mariconti, Letitia F More Info
October 28, 2013Pittsfield, MA39 Fairfield St$150,000Drumm, Mark
Drumm, Cathy C
Shambo, Stephen M More Info
November 05, 2013Pittsfield, MA376 Tyler St$150,000376 Tyler Street LLC Quintero, Richard P
Quintero, Deborah P
More Info
January 06, 2014Pittsfield, MA814 Williams St$150,000Hubbard, Scott M
Greiner, Alicia M
Orzolek Theodore S Est
Haywood, Anne V
More Info
January 21, 2014Pittsfield, MA161 Stoddard Ave$150,000Gelinas, Alfred G
Gelinas, Amy R
Scheer, Sherry L More Info
March 31, 2014Pittsfield, MA19 Dartmouth St$150,000Links LLC Pinnacle Prop Operations More Info
April 18, 2014Pittsfield, MA51 Pomeroy Ave$150,000Svirskiy, Sava Nieburgs, Suzanne More Info
May 29, 2014Pittsfield, MA4 Onota Ln #1$150,000Righi, Daniel C Newman, Tobie More Info
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