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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
June 24, 2016Pittsfield, MA39 Rose Ter$202,000Doucette, Adam
Doucette, Danielle
Manfredo Anita M Est
Manfredo, Carol A
More Info
December 30, 2016Pittsfield, MA25 Sampson Pkwy$202,000Esperanza, Juan A
Esperanza, Yesica M
Robillard, Margaret M More Info
April 12, 2017Pittsfield, MA129 Partridge Rd$202,000Canty, Christina M Mcneil, Michael F More Info
February 12, 2016Pittsfield, MA990 Williams St$201,000Kazura, Alessandra N
Davis, Gary D
Ballantyne, William
Ballantyne, Lisa
More Info
January 28, 2011Pittsfield, MA92 Elm St$200,000Milligan, David M
Fournier-Milligan, Kelly
Guerette NT
Guerette, Wilma
More Info
January 31, 2011Pittsfield, MA130 E New Lenox Rd$200,000Lanfair, Jonathan D
Lanfair, Valerie L
Szabo, Kenneth W
Szabo, Rebecca J
More Info
February 28, 2011Pittsfield, MA120 Stearns Ave$200,000Behan, Michael S
Behan, Christine A
Bianco, Michael R
Bianco, Christine M
More Info
January 04, 2012Pittsfield, MA11 Alcott Ln$200,000Smally Family Land Corp Ruth J Smalley RET
Smally, Ruth J
More Info
January 25, 2012Pittsfield, MA350 Fort Hill Ave$200,000Jelley, Wayne A Lord FT
Lord, Arthurine C
More Info
February 15, 2012Pittsfield, MA999 Dalton Ave$200,000Freight House Realty LLC Crane & Co Inc More Info
July 02, 2012Pittsfield, MA269 Newell St$200,000269 Newell Street LLC Stomski Robert B Est
Culliton, Joan M
More Info
November 02, 2012Pittsfield, MA118 Anita Dr$200,000Albano, Mark J Brinnon, Kathleen M
Brinnon, John C
More Info
December 31, 2012Pittsfield, MA28 E Mill St$200,000Patashnick, Scott L
Patashnick, Rutholive
Patashnick, Rutholive More Info
December 31, 2012Pittsfield, MA121 W Housatonic St$200,000Patashnick, Scott L
Patashnick, Rutholive
Patashnick, Rutholive More Info
December 31, 2012Pittsfield, MA698 North St$200,000Patashnick, Scott L
Patashnick, Rutholive
Patashnick, Rutholive More Info
May 30, 2013Pittsfield, MA63 Cambridge Ave$200,000Raiff, Peter B
Weber, Heidi M
Cambridge NT
Harry, Barbara E
More Info
June 05, 2013Pittsfield, MA104 Appleton Ave$200,000Southard, Nolan G
Southard, Christine A
Mattoon, Donna B More Info
June 28, 2013Pittsfield, MA630 Hancock Rd$200,000Hadley, Theodore R
Bacarro, Estela C
France P Klemanski IRT
Klemanski, Linda G
More Info
June 28, 2013Pittsfield, MA107 Spadina Pkwy$200,000Grant, David J Cheney, John E More Info
January 15, 2014Pittsfield, MA17 Downing 3 Park #2A$200,000Downing LLC Newslow, James A More Info
March 20, 2014Pittsfield, MA165 Mcintosh Dr$200,000Agar, Colton M Cole, Robert C
Cole, Laura A
More Info
July 25, 2014Pittsfield, MA191 Bartlett Ave$200,000Odonnell, Timothy S
Allshouse, Christina
Chalupa, Richard P
Chalupa, Sabine
More Info
September 05, 2014Pittsfield, MA30 Pine Grove Dr$200,000Rush, David L
Rush, Judy R
Sommers, Amy L More Info
November 20, 2014Pittsfield, MA13 Walden Ln$200,000Brill, Lorraine S Shapiro, Judith More Info
December 11, 2014Pittsfield, MA55 Walden Ln$200,000Walters, Sandra J Gregory, Ernest J More Info
February 27, 2015Pittsfield, MA1143 Dalton Ave$200,000Lussier Realty LLC Wieland, Matthew J
Wieland, Dianne E
More Info
September 04, 2015Pittsfield, MA47 Valentine Rd$200,000Smith, Robert P
Collias, Maria A
Franchebois, John R
Franchebois, M K
More Info
October 02, 2015Pittsfield, MA129 Velma Ave$200,000Pope, Spencer
Pope, Bridget
Miller Gerard E Est
Kinne, Mary E
More Info
October 06, 2015Pittsfield, MA22 Marian Ave$200,000Ankamah, Terry
Yeboah, Ansaah
Mazzeo, Richard T
Mazzeo, Michelle L
More Info
October 15, 2015Pittsfield, MA10 Darlene Ave$200,000Zabian, Dino Calkins Angelina Est
Calkins, Susan J
More Info
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