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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
June 18, 2013Pittsfield, MA641 North St$148,000Building, Taylor Berkshire FCU More Info
October 02, 2013Pittsfield, MA39 Howe Rd$148,000Cotter, Thomas P Spiewak, Shauna M More Info
December 20, 2013Pittsfield, MA150 Lenox Ave$148,000Shelton, Anthony M Peter S Roukas RET
Shaker, Christopher M
More Info
August 01, 2014Pittsfield, MA76 Marian Ave$148,000Jacoby, Christopher G
Jacoby, Paula M
Blaisdell, Deborah T More Info
October 26, 2012Pittsfield, MA26 Morgan St$147,900Beron, Harry R
Beron, Rebecca R
Barber, Matthew R More Info
March 25, 2011Pittsfield, MA26 Linden St$147,802FNMA Gammon, Larry D
One West Bank FSB
More Info
March 27, 2014Pittsfield, MA20 Endicott St$147,750Shepherd, Wayne A
Flint, Dawn E
Schaller, Andrea C
Schaller, George A
More Info
April 13, 2012Pittsfield, MA64 Winship Ave$147,475Schindler, Keith F Bash, Andrew A
Bash, Theresa A
More Info
February 14, 2011Pittsfield, MA234 Partridge Rd$147,000Lewis, Adam M
Lewis, Daniel K
CSB Services Corp More Info
March 22, 2013Pittsfield, MA174 1st St$147,000First Pitts LLC Sarnoff, Esme R
Sapery, Elisabeth A
More Info
August 14, 2013Pittsfield, MA70 Lebanon Ave$147,000Krynicki, Bryan P Blaisdell, Cheryl A More Info
May 27, 2011Pittsfield, MA28 State St$146,500Slater, Brittany G Northrup, Colleen M More Info
November 08, 2013Pittsfield, MA36 Oliver Ave$146,500Thomas, David E
Thomas, Susan T
Giardina, Teresa More Info
March 14, 2014Pittsfield, MA81 Valentine Rd$146,500Greene, Lori L
Sicurello, Robert E
Bellefontaine, Eric N
Bellefontaine, Kelly B
More Info
July 07, 2014Pittsfield, MA42 Emerson Ave$146,500Hopkins, Jason M
Hopkins, Kati J
Joyce R Brown RET
Brown, Joyce R
More Info
August 16, 2011Pittsfield, MA80 Vista St$146,007Greylock FCU Harris, Diane M More Info
February 22, 2011Pittsfield, MA87 Acorn St$146,000Fowler, Robert S Russo Samuel J Est
Russo, Samuel J
More Info
October 03, 2011Pittsfield, MA59 Backman Ave$146,000Caesar, Stanley W
Mckillop, Heather L
Ramsey, Dawn M More Info
February 15, 2012Pittsfield, MA105 Parker St$146,000Meyrick, Kristin J
Centrella, Dianne
Lefebvre, Mary L More Info
January 11, 2013Pittsfield, MA29 Fairfield St$146,000Sliper, Michael R Stuart, Anita S
Stuart, Maria L
More Info
April 16, 2013Pittsfield, MA54 Williamsburg Ter$146,000Nguyen, Kevin
Tran, Ha T
Haas, Adam C
Haas, Tanya L
More Info
July 31, 2013Pittsfield, MA12 Adelaide Ave$146,000Matos, Andrew J Folan, Diane L
Negrette, Ralph
More Info
July 21, 2014Pittsfield, MA97 Appleton Ave$146,000Norton, Daniel A Webber, Paul J
Webber, Julie A
More Info
December 05, 2013Pittsfield, MA222 Lenox Ave$145,800Beet, Patricia A Carroll, Beth A More Info
October 14, 2011Pittsfield, MA503 Elm St$145,500Sommer, Samantha J Talarico, Frederick J
Talarico, Joseph F
More Info
January 14, 2011Pittsfield, MA55 New Hampshire Ave$145,000Teutsch, Johann E
Teutsch, Catherine A
Roberts, Carol A
Mangiardi, Linda A
More Info
February 28, 2011Pittsfield, MA1450 North St #309$145,000Wilson, Sandra H Salatino, Willam J More Info
April 29, 2011Pittsfield, MA135 Newell St$145,000Oneill, Theresa L Lipera, Lucian
Lipera, Sylvia
More Info
May 26, 2011Pittsfield, MA59 Abbott St$145,000Laska, Martina K Projet LLC More Info
August 11, 2011Pittsfield, MA39 Bushey Rd$145,000Ameen, Carl L Oleskiewicz, Judith K
Oleskiewicz, Paul J
More Info
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