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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
April 21, 2015Pittsfield, MA130 Cadwell Rd$212,900Hanley, Roger T FNMA More Info
March 31, 2011Pittsfield, MA7 Acorn St$212,636FNMA Holmes, Eileen F
HSBC Mtg Corp
More Info
November 15, 2013Pittsfield, MA267 Elm St$212,000Saint Petersburg NT
Svirsky, Sava
Brouker, Holly
Brouker, Ronald
More Info
September 19, 2014Pittsfield, MA335 Holmes Rd$212,000Cantor, Michael A
Cantor, Beth P
Sabourin, Ryan D More Info
September 26, 2014Pittsfield, MA494 Tamarack Rd$212,000Altshuler, Aaron Mcdermott, Steven N
Mcdermott, Deborah J
More Info
December 02, 2016Pittsfield, MA94 Kittredge Rd$212,000Young, Kathleen E Willis, Anthony J
Willis, Jacqueline
More Info
May 24, 2017Pittsfield, MA39 Joan Dr$212,000Newton, Mathew D
Tenorio, Lynda
Benoit, Lisa M
Benoit, Craig M
More Info
March 20, 2015Pittsfield, MA36 Winesap Rd$211,000Ramos-Lamboy, Marlyn S Dalzell, Theodore A
Dalzell, Karen S
More Info
July 10, 2015Pittsfield, MA185 Doreen St$211,000Touray, Abdoulie Britigan, William E
Britigan, Bonnie M
More Info
April 02, 2015Pittsfield, MA107 Sampson Pkwy$210,500Coscia, Gregory P
Coscia, Jennifer D
Wegrzyn, Eileen M More Info
January 28, 2011Pittsfield, MA43 Bellmore Dr$210,000Bertolino, Amber L
Bertolino, Robert M
Quinlan Alberta C Est
Bertocci, Patricia E
More Info
April 08, 2011Pittsfield, MA106 Nancy Ave$210,000Terpak, Todd J Patti, R Christopher
Patti, Darcy M
More Info
May 27, 2011Pittsfield, MA33 Unkamet Park Dr$210,000Foisy, Dwane J
Northrup, Colleen M
Vallone, James
Vallone, Stacie
More Info
December 01, 2011Pittsfield, MA39 Joan Dr$210,000Callahan, Carl E
Callahan, Mary C
Gibbons, Josephine N More Info
April 03, 2012Pittsfield, MA26 Walden Ln$210,000Henner, Jacqueline Packard FT
Packard, Anne L
More Info
July 12, 2013Pittsfield, MA19 Elmview Ter$210,000Martin, Thomas J
Martin, Amanda L
Paterson, Robert D
Paterson, Dawn E
More Info
December 13, 2013Pittsfield, MA112 Tor Ct$210,000Quirk, Michelle Morrison, Mary B
Perkins, Adekene Q
More Info
December 02, 2014Pittsfield, MA88 Wealthy Ave$210,000Washburn, Todd J Newell, Linda M
Lanciault, Sheila A
More Info
February 06, 2015Pittsfield, MA181 Doreen St$210,000Hui, Jay Face, Timothy S
Face, Jessica R
More Info
April 30, 2015Pittsfield, MA144 Sherwood Dr$210,000Recore, Kenneth J
Polidoro, Kelly-Anne M
Dildine, Ricky E
Hayes, Stephen S
More Info
June 03, 2015Pittsfield, MA555 Holmes Rd$210,000Trowill, Nancy J
Trowill, Peter A
Marcella C Estep T
Estep, Charles J
More Info
June 25, 2015Pittsfield, MA48 Winesap Rd$210,000Whalen, Kyle E Barnes, Frank C
Barnes, Christine M
More Info
September 25, 2015Pittsfield, MA57 Sampson Pkwy$210,000Rodgers, Jennifer M Fiorini-Puskey, Lisa More Info
October 30, 2015Pittsfield, MA219 Mcintosh Dr$210,000Dinapoli, Anthony J Arnhold, Kenneth R
Arnhold, Meaghan E
More Info
June 30, 2016Pittsfield, MA103 Hancock Rd$210,000Astle, Richard J
Astle, Lisa A
Hersch, Adam
Hersch, Jennifer
More Info
August 05, 2016Pittsfield, MA47 Cole Ave$210,000Laundry, Shane A
Laundry, Erin C
Schember, Jane M More Info
September 23, 2016Pittsfield, MA115 Leroi Dr$210,000Jones, Lorraine Boudreau, Richard W
Boudreau, Elizabeth L
More Info
September 29, 2016Pittsfield, MABlythewood Dr$210,000Crawford, Craig
Crawford, Tracy
Simkin, Peter H
Simkin, Andrew D
More Info
October 14, 2016Pittsfield, MA66 Unkamet Park Dr$210,000Peronto, Mark K
Carlson, Jane C
Peronto FT
Cummings-Carlson, Jane
More Info
January 06, 2017Pittsfield, MA157 Leona Dr$210,000Alibozek, Austin R
Ryan, Kelsey M
Shin, Yong K
Shin, Jung J
More Info
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