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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
November 16, 2012Pittsfield, MA20 Michigan Ave$153,615Greylock FCU Parker, Jeremiah J
Parker, Debra E
More Info
March 16, 2012Pittsfield, MA1165 Churchill St$153,500Borden, Shaun Borden, Theresa F More Info
July 17, 2013Pittsfield, MA32 Farnsworth Ter$153,500Bradford, Shenna M Hagen, Rosemary E
Simonetta, Patricia A
More Info
May 30, 2014Pittsfield, MA4 Garland Ave$153,500Campoli, Christopher P Kruczkowski, Bruce D
Kruczkowski, Heather M
More Info
May 24, 2011Pittsfield, MA225 Fort Hill Ave$153,000Gundlach, Matthew A
Gundlach, Kristy Ann
Winters, Anne M More Info
May 02, 2012Pittsfield, MA60 Oswald Ave$153,000Langdon, Samantha C
Maher, Frank V
Williams, Maryrose
Williams, Jared M
More Info
June 22, 2012Pittsfield, MA8 Laflin Ter$153,000Chandler, Amelia L
Chandler, Parker B
Duane, Mark J
Duane, Thomas A
More Info
September 06, 2012Pittsfield, MA792 Barker Rd$153,000Kurowski, Laura J Manzolini, Jeremy W
Manzolini, Jody L
More Info
December 06, 2013Pittsfield, MA23 S Carolina Ave$153,000Cardillo, Richard V
Slosek, Katrina M
Furlano, Sandra More Info
March 28, 2014Pittsfield, MA815 Williams St$153,000Farella, Paul A
Kalisz, Samantha R
Helen M Potts FT
Potts, Cory S
More Info
July 30, 2013Pittsfield, MA81 Dartmouth St #209$152,955Nye, David J Blythewood Realty LLC More Info
June 28, 2013Pittsfield, MA65 Emerson Ave$152,900Davis, Ryan A
Davis, Victoria A
Raftery, Kim M More Info
February 01, 2011Pittsfield, MA188 Lenox Ave$152,500Blair, Matthew R Decelles, Robert H
Decelles, Denise A
More Info
January 31, 2013Pittsfield, MA36 Churchill Crst #36$152,500Abbott, Charles L
Navega, Eduardo
Woog Family LP More Info
July 03, 2013Pittsfield, MA75 Strong Ave$152,500Thorne, Jessica 1307 North Street LLC More Info
September 13, 2013Pittsfield, MA32 Kenwood St$152,500Deanault, Ian M Garvey, Michael W More Info
August 27, 2014Pittsfield, MA23 Paula Ave$152,025Dimassimo, Dean M Karpenski, Justin M More Info
December 01, 2011Pittsfield, MA19 Garden St$152,000Mercier, Cory M Tesoniero, Paul A
Tesoniero, Matthew W
More Info
June 18, 2012Pittsfield, MA111 Lakeway Dr$152,000Gero, Kimberly H
Kirchner, Eric P
Zarvis James K Est
Zarvis, Deane J
More Info
February 22, 2013Pittsfield, MA73 Draper Ave$152,000Polito, Kristen R Haskins, Elizabeth L
Haskins, Chad M
More Info
May 23, 2014Pittsfield, MA16 Meleca Ave$151,995Church, Stephanie R
Church, Thomas W
Fish Arolyn F Est
Fish, Brian F
More Info
December 28, 2011Pittsfield, MA223 Chapel St$151,450Courtney, Edward T FNMA More Info
June 03, 2011Pittsfield, MA256 Elm St$151,000Rosenhein, Bruce R
Ramsey-Rosenhein, Je
Montemagni, Mark E
Montemagni, Laura K
More Info
November 23, 2011Pittsfield, MA101 Unkamet Park Dr$151,000Brodeur, Clifford W
Brodeur, Senta P
Duffy, Joan E More Info
January 11, 2013Pittsfield, MA136 Holmes Rd$151,000Vanabramer, Amber Ostrowski, Sonya J More Info
May 31, 2013Pittsfield, MA24 Crystal St$151,000Huey, Jeannine Disco Eleanor M Est
Disco, Lawrence R
More Info
November 25, 2013Pittsfield, MA12 Andover St$151,000Patton, Meredith Herbert Fishman RET
Fishman, Joel S
More Info
September 20, 2013Pittsfield, MA11 Crane Ave$150,755Aslan, George A
Aslan, Dorothy P
Mcneil, Michael F More Info
December 05, 2011Pittsfield, MA85 Maplewood Ave$150,680Greylock Federal CU Harris, Gordon A More Info
March 08, 2013Pittsfield, MA22 Jayne Ave$150,500Stjohn, Michael J
Stjohn, Theresa A
Koch, Dennis R
Kirchner, Carol A
More Info
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