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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
August 06, 2015Pittsfield, MA33 Birch Grove Dr$170,000Levante, Gregg W Arpante, Tracey A More Info
April 16, 2013Pittsfield, MA381 Williams St$169,900Robalino, Dario X CSB Svc Corp More Info
June 06, 2014Pittsfield, MA196 Highland Ave$169,900Curry, Dawn M Nomar NT
Haines, Norman J
More Info
November 07, 2014Pittsfield, MA45 Northumberland Rd$169,900Garivaltis, Kurt M Shepardson, Daniel K More Info
July 10, 2015Pittsfield, MA58 Connecticut Ave$169,900Lucaroni, Renee T Deering, George E
Deering, Patricia L
More Info
April 21, 2015Pittsfield, MA81 Appleton Ave$169,800Reese, Kendric T Bell, Susan B
Poe, Henry W
More Info
August 24, 2012Pittsfield, MA36 Flintstone Dr$169,500Lomaglio, Alexander A
Lomaglio, Ellen K
Soman, Doris W More Info
September 06, 2012Pittsfield, MA70 Imperial Ave$169,500Grull, Hubert
Grull, Barbara A
Mclaughlin, Carol A
Shea, Julie E
More Info
May 18, 2015Pittsfield, MA267 Highland Ave$169,500Winters, Kayla D
Winters, Jamie D
Quinto, Jeffrey A
Quinto, Angela S
More Info
April 01, 2011Pittsfield, MA62 Franklin St$169,000Bredin, Mary B Murrell, Michele R More Info
August 12, 2011Pittsfield, MA62 Churchill Crst #62$169,000Salatino, Maria E Salatino, Anthony
Salatino, Bettina
More Info
May 28, 2013Pittsfield, MA44 Parkside Ave$169,000Winnard, Nicholas A Kellar, Mitchell A
Kellar, Shauna L
More Info
July 30, 2013Pittsfield, MA17 Pinehurst Ave$169,000Oberwager, Ethan S
Weeks, Rebecca L
Williams, Ryan M More Info
August 02, 2013Pittsfield, MA285 Pomeroy Ave$169,000Athanasulis, William P
Athanasulis, Mariya B
Wilson Jean W Est
Kingston, Marjorie W
More Info
March 28, 2014Pittsfield, MA484 E New Lenox Rd$169,000Mccann, Jill A
Callahan, Christopher L
Mendel, Stephen P More Info
June 30, 2015Pittsfield, MA89 Jones Ave$169,000Ferris, Rebecca L
Navin, Robert E
Salvini, Stephen A More Info
August 13, 2015Pittsfield, MA112 E Acres Rd$169,000Perkins, William T
Perkins, Darlene L
Theoret Edna Mae Est
Burris, Ronald J
More Info
August 31, 2015Pittsfield, MA455 Pecks Rd$169,000Gennari, Maria E Dutch NT
Postema, Meint
More Info
August 30, 2012Pittsfield, MA174 Bryant St$168,513FNMA Begley, Patricia A
Citimortgage Inc
More Info
January 13, 2012Pittsfield, MA71 Putnam Ave$168,500Murray, Scott
Murray, Karen R
Albert, Matthew G More Info
June 14, 2013Pittsfield, MA22 Westover St$168,500Harmon, Thomas J
Demarisco, Aubrey R
King, Paula J More Info
April 04, 2013Pittsfield, MA69 Dexter St$168,285Asset RT Graham, Michelle L
Asset RT
More Info
July 24, 2015Pittsfield, MA69 Dexter St$168,285Pacifica Co Tr Graham, Michelle L
Pacifica Co Tr
More Info
May 10, 2013Pittsfield, MA20 Chester St$168,000Kellogg, Jonathan J Young, Susanna C
Keefe, Susanna C
More Info
June 11, 2014Pittsfield, MA638 Elm St$168,000Lahey, Thomas
Lahey, Joanne
Chrostowski, Mark C More Info
December 31, 2012Pittsfield, MA71 Bartlett Ave$167,500Candilore, Michael R Soldato, Arthur J More Info
February 22, 2013Pittsfield, MA157 Ridge Ave$167,500Kasuba, Nicole FNMA More Info
July 01, 2013Pittsfield, MA114 Livingston Ave$167,500Tisdale, Joseph L Sutton-Heath, Rebecca A More Info
December 13, 2013Pittsfield, MA26 Euclid Ave$167,500Healy, Joshua E Campbell, Ruth C More Info
October 12, 2011Pittsfield, MA110 Cole Ave$167,000Arsenault, Michelle L Khoury-Cady, Kelley J More Info
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